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Lots of things happened during summer and early autumn in our kennel again. At first, I’d like to remember our dearest Astra who we lost at the beginning of July. We still miss her very much and we know, that no any other dog will replace her in our hearts... You can see memory of her and her small medallion HERE. Our pack has three new members - Kurdet, Aslan and Zara and our kennel also helped to import next three Kangal dogs to Czech Republic during summer 2014. Breed base of Kangal dogs in Czech Republic still needs new blood to bring enough wide genetic diversty while maintaining excellent exterior, health and working abilities. We also attended two, for us important "Kangal events" - World Dog Show in Helsinki, Finland, and "Kangal weekend" in Kozarska Dubica, Bosnia. Here we joined breed permit judging (Kerung), IV. CAC Kozarska Dubica - bosnian National Dog Show and 1st Kangal Speciality Show, judged by Turkish and Serbian spcialists. Both events were succesfull for our dogs, you can see their results at page Our success, under the name of each dog. Another joyous news is that we have puppies from Reyhan and Mohikan! They were born on 5th of September, all are very active and beautiful, few of them are still available :-). You can read more about this litter at Puppies page. All puppies from spring litter (Luna x Aslan) have great families, they are fine and join their happy life. As we will have more time for it, we will put there photos from their new homes.

You can see lots of updated photos of puppies from current litter "C", also few new ones of our dogs which are in their galleries. Photo report from life of our Kangal dogs which are 24/7 with pigs and goats is also in "Puppies photogallery". Three puppies are already in their new families in Czech Republic (and they are doing very well), next ones wait at us till they will fly to future owners in Russia and England. One female will stay in our kennel as our future hope and Luna will join the pack as "retired mum". There is also one female available at the moment because she wouldn’t be good for shows and breeding, even if she is so beautiful (she has undershot bite which doesn’t affect the quality of her life but it’s incorrect for breed standard, shows and breeding). Even if she wouldn’t be top winning show dog, she will be phantastic working dog or companion. Together with her sister, our Máša, Cesaret Ay Kazana is the most active and smart puppy from all litter, already coming for recall, follows us wherever we go, fearless and very brave. She grows up with goats and pigs same as her littermates. If you are interested in her, please, write an email or call us. We prefere to put her at farm as livestock guardian dog, but she will also be very good friend for children. Photos below.
Start up the new and updated website Kangaldog.cz after more than one and half year when you nearly couldn't meet us at the internet. A lots of things happened during this time but you can meet us there or at Facebook again from these days :-).
Start up the old website Kangaldog.cz, which worked during 2009 - 2012.



Düzen - Luna Kangal du Bonnie Blue Flag